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Leif: Atlanta, GA Senior Portrait Photography

My brother Leif is one cool kid.  With all of us being so spread out in age, it has been such a blessing to live close to my family these past few years. I have still been able to be a part of my younger siblings lives. Leif is now a senior and is so bright, creative, and confident. I'm so excited for his future and I really enjoyed exploring Arabia Mountain Park with him as we snapped some senior portraits! arabiamountiansenioratlantageorgiasenior2atlantageorgiasenior1leifsenior15 copyDSC_0130leifarabiamountainsenior4DSC_0125


Clark&McKenzie: Stone Mountain, GA Engagement Photography

I met Clark and McKenzie at Stone Mountain Park for their engagement session. Thunder, lighting, and rain filled the skies on my way to meet them, but it cleared up just in time for photos and gave us some wonderful light! So excited for these two and am looking forward to photographing their wedding in March! ClarkandMcKenzie024ClarkandMcKenzie018Stone Mountain Engagement Photos

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Tyler & Sarah: Taylor Farms, Cartersville,GA Wedding Photographer

These two lovebirds go WAY back. They grew up together and even went to their high school prom together! I met Sarah and Tyler in college and even roomed with Sarah for a while.  I never could have guessed I would have the opportunity to photograph their wedding! The wedding was at Taylor Farms in Cartersville, GA and took place by a beautiful lake at sunset.   The day was full of special details that reflected Tyler and Sarah's personalities perfectly!Huge thanks to Robyn Lee Photography for second shooting! Robyn, Sarah, and I all met our freshman year of college and photographing this day with Sarah was so special to us! Untitled-3DSC_0005 (2)Untitled-4DSC_0011Untitled-5DSC_0027Untitled-6DSC_0044DSC_0042DSC_0039Untitled-2DSC_0052Untitled-1Untitled-7DSC_0058 (2)DSC_0070DSC_0065DSC_0078DSC_0077Untitled-8Untitled-9DSC_0084 (2)

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