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Tyler & Sarah: Taylor Farms, Cartersville,GA Wedding Photographer

These two lovebirds go WAY back. They grew up together and even went to their high school prom together! I met Sarah and Tyler in college and even roomed with Sarah for a while.  I never could have guessed I would have the opportunity to photograph their wedding! The wedding was at Taylor Farms in Cartersville, GA and took place by a beautiful lake at sunset.   The day was full of special details that reflected Tyler and Sarah's personalities perfectly!Huge thanks to Robyn Lee Photography for second shooting! Robyn, Sarah, and I all met our freshman year of college and photographing this day with Sarah was so special to us! Untitled-3DSC_0005 (2)Untitled-4DSC_0011Untitled-5DSC_0027Untitled-6DSC_0044DSC_0042DSC_0039Untitled-2DSC_0052Untitled-1Untitled-7DSC_0058 (2)DSC_0070DSC_0065DSC_0078DSC_0077Untitled-8Untitled-9DSC_0084 (2)

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